Renders its contents only if the current user of the site is also logged into the Vae Backstage and accessed the site via the Backstage (either via a top level tab or an External structure or the link in the top right of the header).

Required Attributes


Optional Attributes


You may provide a <v:else> tag after this tag to specify HTML to render if there is no value set for that path.

Sample Usage

 You are logged into the Backstage.  I can safely show you a custom
 admin panel.
<v:else><a href="https://[subdomain].vaeplatform.com/login/go_to_website?path=<v?=urlencode($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);?>">Authenticate Via Backstage</a></v:else>

The link provided in the <v:else> is a supported method of redirecting the user to the backstage to authenticate. This will redirect them back to the current page if they are logged into the backstage, or prompt for a login.