Outputs its contents either as an HTML link (<a> tag) or without a link, depending on whether the path specified in the path= attribute contains data. If called from within a <v:collection> block, it will automatically append information about which item in the collection was clicked to the query string just like the <v:a> tag.

Required Attributes

  • href - link href. This will become the href attribute of the generated <a> tag.

  • path - path to check for data. Uses VaeQL syntax.


  • total_items - If provided instead of the path attribute, this tag will render if the total entries in the current context is this number.

Optional Attributes

You may use any attributes that are accepted by the <v:a> tag.

Sample Usage

Assume that our locations collection has 2 entries: New York and London. Only New York has the checkbox show_more_information set. Then, this code:

<v:collection path="locations">
  <v:a_if path="show_more_information" href="/location" />
   <v:text path="name" />

Might render:

 <a href="/location/1-new-york">New York</a>