The Video Structure allows users to upload videos in virtually any video format. Vae will automatically convert any uploaded video to embeddable Flash H.264 format. Use the <v=path> shortcut to easily embed the converted Flash Video into your site.

Common Use Examples: Videos
Supported Validations: None.
Related VaeML Tags: The the <v=path> shortcut is usually used to embed the converted Flash Video into your site. The <v:file> tag allows downloading videos stored in a Video structure.

Backstage Look and Feel

The Video structure shows a file upload widget in the backstage:

Once a video has been uploaded, the widget expands to show a thumbnail of the video and provide options to delete and replace:

Sizing / Encoding

Vae can automatically resize and encode videos to an exact size and bitrate that you specify. In the Edit view for the Video structure, click on the Create New link under the Sizes for this video section to add a new custom encoding target size.

This will bring up an Add Size box with the following fields:

  1. Name - Name you give to the size. You will use this name to reference this size in your VaeML/integration code.

  2. Video Width - Video width in pixels.

  3. Video Height - Video height in pixels.

  4. Video Bitrate - Integer between 100 and 1000 representing the video encoding bitrate in kilobytes per second. Higher means better quality. We recommend 150 for bandwidth saving, 350 for good quality, and 700 for high quality videos.

  5. Audio Bitrate - Interget between 48 and 320 represending the audio encoding bitrate in kilobytes per second. Higher means better quality. We recommend 48 for speech, 96 for mixed audio, and 160 for music videos.

Click the Add Video Size button to complete the addition of the size.


Vae keeps track of the total number of times it encodes a video into Flash Video during each billing period. Each plan includes a set number of encodings, and any overage will be billed at our current rate. If you add a new video size to a collection that already has several entries, Vae will immediately begin encoding all existing videos in the new size. This could result in a large charge, so please plan accordingly!

We outsource our video encoding, so we are not able to issue refunds for video encoding charges, as we simply pass these along to our vendor.

To delete a video size, simply click the red Delete button next to the Video size in the Sizes for this Video list. The video size will be immediately removed from your account.