Text Area

A Text Area Structure stores muliple lines of unformatted text. It is good for text blocks that range from a sentence to a few paragraphs. For anything larger than that, we would recommend the Rich Text Area.

Common Use Examples: Bio, Description, Sizing Chart
Supported Validations: Presence and length.
Related VaeML Tags: The <v:text> tag is commonly used to render data stored in a Text Area structure.

If trying to decide between using a Text structure and a Text Area, a good rule of thumb is that text areas are usually used wherever at least one full sentence would be required. Text structures are generally used for fragments, such as names and titles.


By default, HTML entered into a text area is rendered exactly as it is input (tags will not be interpreted). This behavior can be altered by passing the raw="true" parameter to the <v:text> tag.

Backstage Look and Feel

The Text Area structure editing widget looks like a larger text input box:

An entry with a Text Area structure visible in list view looks like this: