A Checkbox structure stores a boolean yes-or-no value. Suppose you are desigining a site for a car dealership who wants to display, for each car, whether or not it has a V8 engine or a convertable top. Creating a Checkbox Structure for each of these attributes would allow the client to quickly indicate whether or not a car has either attribute.

You could then use the <v:if> VaeML tag display icons next to the car listing that indicate whether the car has a V8 or a convertable top.

The Checkbox structure is also often used to allow your clients to toggle between different display modes, to show and hide navigation elements, or anywhere else where a yes or no choice makes sense.

Common Use Examples: Any yes-or-no option.
Supported Validations: None.
Related VaeML Tags: The <v:if> tag is commonly used to selectively render a page fragment if an option is enabled.

Backstage Look and Feel

The Checkbox structure editing widget looks like a checkbox: