Use the vae_store_update_order() function to update an order that has been placed on the website.


vae_store_update_order($id, $attributes)

  • $id - Order ID

  • $attributes - PHP associative array containing the order attributes to be updated.

    Valid keys are: fulfilled, tax, shipping, discount, discount_code, shipping_method, tax_rate, status, send_shipping_info_email, shipment_company, shipment_tracking_number, billing_address, billing_address_2, billing_city, billing_company, billing_country, billing_name, billing_phone, billing_state, billing_zip, email, shipping_address, shipping_address_2, shipping_city, shipping_company, shipping_country, shipping_method, shipping_name, shipping_phone, shipping_state, shipping_zip.


Returns true.

Sample Usage

// Update order status and tracking number
vae_store_update_order($id, array(
  'status' => 'Shipped', 'shipment_tracking_number' => '1234567890'