Vae Shipping Station

Vae offers an optional shipping station extention that allows weighing packages and generating printing labels directly from Vae’s web interface.

Vae supports combining multiple orders to the same customer for single shipping, as well as automatic emailing of tracking information using Vae’s shipping email feature.

Vae Shipping Station is sold as a separate product, so you’ll need to contact Sales to get access to shipping station. These docs cover the steps required to implement the shipping station functionality.

Vae Shipping Station is currently used to ship over 1,000 packages a day, and we’ve invested considerable time and effort into making it fast.

Vae Shipping Station supports both MacOS and Windows.

Actual Carrier integration is currently provided via the EasyPost API, so you will need an EasyPost account. We are open to building direct carrier integrations to save the cost of EasyPost and if you would like to work with us on that project, please contact Sales.

Hardware Required

Vae Shipping Station supports two types of scales: DYMO M10 and M25. Support for other USB scales can be added without too much effort. Our scale reading software is open source and you can clone it from Github and extend it. Use of another scale is not supported by Vae’s support.

Vae Shipping Station supports the DYMO LabelWriter 4XL for label printing, and requires a full installation of the DYMO Label software.

Third Party Software Required For USB Scale Support

The dymo-scale-nodejs open source package is required in order to take readings from your USB scale into Vae Shipping Station. To install this package, follow these directions, based on your platform:

On Mac:

First install Homebrew by following the directions at the Homebrew website.

Then open a Terminal window and type the following:

brew install hidapi libusb node
npm install pm2 -g
sudo pm2 startup
cd dymo-scale-nodejs-master
sudo pm2 start app.js
sudo pm2 save

On Windows:

First, follow the instructions here to install Node.js.

Then download the ZIP package for dymo-scale-nodejs and unzip it.

Open a Command Prompt and cd to the folder containing the program from the ZIP file you just extracted.

Type the following at the Command Prompt:

npm install pm2 pm2-windows-service -g
pm2 start app.js
pm2 save

Enabling Vae Shipping Station

Once Vae Shipping Station has been purchased for your Website, you will be able to add it as a Fulfillment Integration via the Store > Settings tab in the backstage.

You can configure Vae Shipping Station on that page. You will be able to specify your preferred carriers as well as routing rules for determining which carriers to use for a given shipment.